editorial photoshoot STYLING


image | aqua angel productions

image | aqua angel productions


| Working with Photographer or Creative Director to understand creative brief

| Creative Direction and creating of mood boards, gathering inspiration for shoot

| Product Sourcing from retailers and designers, including collection and safe and prompt return of items

| Preparation of looks to be shot

| Communication with parties involved to discuss details of shoot

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Stephanie from Style Ministry with many projects over many years. I have worked in the fashion industry for 24 years and like to surround myself with those who are hard working and have a high level work ethic. Stephanie is very thorough, creative organised and her attention to detail exceptional. Her presence is kind and warm. I feel like I can relax and enjoy the creative process of my job when I work with Style Ministry.- Kirsty - Aqua Angel Productions


| Working with photographer, models and hair + make up to set up shoot

| Dressing models and styling looks

| Attention to detail during shooting, making changes and adjusting looks where required

| Problem solving and flexibility on set

Steph is a pleasure to work with and a terrific stylist. Steph was well prepared for our photoshoot with well thought out ideas, for the look and overall photoshoot story. Steph had thoughtfully planned a variety of outfits and accessories to match for each of the models and these were readily at hand for when wardrobe changes were required. Steph can be counted on to remain flexible with alternatives or changes if they are required. I found Steph very easy to communicate my ideas with, she's very friendly and caring towards everyone on set. Steph has a keen eye for detail and never misses a thread out of place, a garment that needs adjusting or a necklace that needs straightening. Steph has a wonderful eye for colour and knows just when things should match or when a contrast will work better. Steph is more than willing to provide help onset not only for wardrobe and styling, offering to help cart items when moving locations, shading the models and being very helpful. I'd happily recommend Steph for any styling needs either for a photoshoot or personal styling. She's a wonderful artist/stylist to work with, Steph is very down to earth and an approachable, awesome human!

- Carly Stone - Artist/Owner Makeup Artist & Hairstylist


| Stephanie has had experience behind the scenes as a stylist as well as on set as the subject

| Location experience includes studio, outdoor [parklands, beach, street style] and indoor settings [retail/store]  

Working with Stephanie was a real blessing as she has a real passion for what she does. She has an incredible eye for style and how to display the product elegantly in each shot. She makes everyone feel relaxed with her helpfulness, professionalism and organisation. I would recommend Stephanie to other clients as she has a gift of creative vision and is just a lovely person in general!

- Lisa Von Berky, Model - Neon Model Management