when did you start blogginG?

in 2018 i dabbled (the posts can all be found on my blog still), but i have relaunched in march 2019 ready to fully dive into an editorial and content schedule!

How do you earn money from blogging?

There are a number of ways bloggers can earn revenue from blogging/online content creating. First is affiliate links. bloggers use these links to direct readers and followers to a particular product. these allow them to make a small percentage of commission when a purchase is made. The amount made depends on the retailer. Brand collaborations and ambassador partnerships are another way for bloggers to earn. the collaboration brief and terms and conditions are agreed upon between a blogger and the brand. bloggers can approach brands or vice versa. bloggers can be gifted product, paid for the collaboration or both. I personally won’t be working with any brands i wouldn’t purchase from myself, or brands which aren’t a good fit. the final revenue stream is advertising, such as banner ads.

Are you taking new styling clients?

At this stage, the short answer is no. i have a full schedule of private styling clients to keep me busy and for this reason i don’t advertise my in-person one-on-one sessions anymore. i am currently working on a digital product for online clients in the future so stay tuned!

are you available to style photoshoots?

yes, however this is dependant upon if the project is a good fit for us and my schedule availability. send me an email and let’s chat!

how do you take your photos?

i use a few sources. firstly, my iphone X is amazing for on-the-go content. many short video clips and out and about photos are done on my phone. I use the Canon M6 for taking any shots uploaded to my website and social channels that aren’t taken by my photographer, kirsty from aqua angel productions. I always tag and credit her shots, they’re the best ones! As for my own photos, my amazing husband takes some and the rest i do using a tripod and the canon self timer remote control.

where do you get your hair done?

MEche in brisbane. i’ve been going there since 2016 and i wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. adele does my cut and colour and i always leave so happy, she is my go-to girl.

How tall are you and what size in clothes?

I’m 165cm tall and I’m an hourglass shape. I’m a size 8 / XS or small depending on fit. in footwear I’m EU37 or US7 and my feet are very narrow.