5 Signs You Might be in a Style Rut (and how to fix it)



It happens to us all, stylists included! The dreaded ‘style rut’. Many of my clients come to me because they have fallen into the pit and want some fresh eyes on their style to help pull them out.


I went through a phase of wearing all black every. single. day. to work! Now, I wear lots of neutrals and pops of colours and classic prints in my seasonal colours. We all go through it from time to time and it generally means we are busy, time poor and generally living life without worrying about updating our wardrobe and outfit regime.


The important thing is to not get too caught up and seeing it as a negative. The fact you’ve acknowledged the block in your style journey means you can begin to work on it.


Here’s 5 Signs of the Style Rut with solutions included that can lead to long term wardrobe longevity, versatility and overall signature style curation. Yes please! By mindfully adopting some of these ‘fixes’, you’ll be on your way!


1.     Wearing the same shoes every day

This may not seem obvious, but reaching for the exact same shoes every day signals that your footwear wardrobe might need some extra options.

Fix: Find some footwear options that inspire you to create an entirely new outfit from the shoes themselves! They might even be similar to the ones you keep reaching for, just in a different colour or slightly different style.


2.     Having ‘nothing to wear’ but a wardrobe full of clothes

You’re fresh out of ideas. Your options seem lacklustre and uninspiring.

Fix: It’s time for a clean out. Hire a stylist for a wardrobe audit! Or, grab all your items and go through them, making decisions about fit, flatter factor and condition. Rearrange into manageable sections and make a few outfits ready to go for the week ahead.


3.     Different day, same style

There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘go to’ outfit formula or ‘uniform’ for your signature style. It’s when you keep repeating a formula with little to no variation that you can get outfit formula fatigue.

Fix: Just change it up in the way of fabrics, materials, prints and colours. Love tees? Try one in a different colour or print. Add a pop of colour through accessories for extra spice.


4.     You can’t remember the last time you went shopping for items that were foundational wardrobe must-haves

Think black jeans, a denim jacket, neutral coloured heels. These foundational pieces make outfit combinations super straightforward. Here’s my list of foundational pieces for Autumn Winter.

Fix: Find a capsule wardrobe that inspires you (hello, Pinterest) and see just how many pieces you have. Start a wishlist board on a site such as The Iconic and keep an eye out for pieces you need to add to it.


5.     You feel totally uninspired/overwhelmed/don’t know where to start with your style

Who can blame you, busy lady! You’re on the go, on the ‘gram and feel like you’re getting so many different messages about what to buy and when to buy it.

Fix: Go back to basics. Begin a very simple Pinterest board and add a few style ideas. Carve out the signature look you want to go for. Take it one step further and hire a stylist to help you source the perfect pieces. I’ve written a blog post on the 3 Factors of Style which you may like to check out. You’ll be on your way out of the Style Rut in no time!