My Top 10 Tips for Mindful Consumption of Fashion


Here you’ll find my top 10 tips, gathered over my years of being a fashion lover and working as a stylist and blogger. Some are my own, some I’ve picked up along the way. All are trusted, tried and tested. 


1.    Repair before replacing. Find a bag and shoe repair and rejuvenation service. Resole your old faithful shoes, get the heel tips replaced. Send your favourite leather bag to a bag spa (yes, it’s a thing)! Clean and repair old jewellery. You can even have old gold pieces melted down and remodelled into something more suited to your style now. Take it from someone who worked in a jewellers for my high school and university days, so many people who got this done say they wish they had done it sooner! Source a local alterations service to repair and breathe new life into clothing. Bonus point for sourcing someone who will recreate something new out of your old pieces. 


2.    Dream up a concept for a new piece in your wardrobe. I dreamt up my wedding dress and had it made from beautiful Italian fabric sourced right here in Brisbane from Alla Moda. I’ve also had a custom bodysuit made when none of the store ones would fit correctly. If you know how to sew, by all means, create your own unique pieces. Sparking your inner creativity and watch it set alight your energy!


3.    Participate in clothes swaps with family and friends. Did you know that some bloggers do clothing swaps to have more outfits for content for the ‘gram? 


4.    Hire rather than buying for one-off occasions. I’ve hired for occasions and it has always been a great experience; I would recommend checking measurements provided against similar items you own to ensure correct fit. If you own designer items, you could list them on a clothing hire platform and earn some cash. 


5.    Support your local fashion markets and clothing rummage style stalls, be a buyer and/or seller. Sell on unwanted items and then spend your earnings mindfully.


6.    Buy vintage and second hand; upcycled and reworked pieces. Online and in store, these items are priceless when you find something that was just made for you, waiting for new life to be breathed into it! Head to your local op shops and don’t forget to thrift when travelling. Some of the best treasures can be found in unfamiliar places. Donate items of your own when visiting the thrift store. 


7.    Invest in quality over quantity, every time. Build up the most incredible wardrobe which holds pieces you’ll wear time and time again. 


8.    When buying items from high street stores, select based on high quality fabric, style longevity and versatility. 


9.    Strive to buy from ethically-aware brands. Look into this guide for more information and insights:


10.  Support local. Find out about local established and up and coming designers and brands in your city and show them some love. From little things, big things grow!


Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of the individual. Even by engaging in just a few of these practices, we can begin a small movement and shift in our fashion industry towards a brighter future.